The Danish Stylist Maria Barfod On How To Get Ready For NYE


It’s December and we know the big New Years Eve Party is just around the corner! We met up with the cool Danish Stylist Maria Barfod to get a few tips on how to get ready for the big party.  What beauty rituals do you have on a big day like NYE? I always take a loooong bath. I think being clean and to have smooth glowing skin is a killer look! First - I dry brush my skin with a Karmameju brush then shower and scrub again. At the moment I use Karmameju for my body and a facial peel from RØNSBØL. After the shower I always cover myself in oil. I LOVE oil. It keeps my skin soft and flexible. For my body I use RAAW in a Jar’s Miracle Oil. I started using Miracle Oil during my pregnancy to avoid stretch marks - I’ve used it ever since. For my face I use a serum from SMUK which is a combo of an oil and a serum.

What’s your makeup secrets for getting that special glow on the big night? I only use a BB cream from L’Oréal. Lately I’ve been using less and less makeup. I’d rather eat healthy and use good quality products to keep my skin naturally healthy, than trying to cover it up with makeup. BUT on a night like NYE I put a bit of LUMI magic from L’Oréal in my BB cream, which gives my skin that extra glow.

What is your fashion advice for this year’s outfit? Gold and silver is never a bad idea when you dress up on a night like this, but try to mix it up a bit. Take a gold skirt and mix it with a vintage tee, pink lips and a fancy purse. You can also do a thin-strapped long dress and put a vintage tee underneath to give it a more relaxed look. My best tip for any outfit - ALWAYS remember to have good accessories.


1. Miracle oil from RAAW in a Jar , 2. Brush from Karmameju, 3. B.B. Cream from L'Oréal, 4. Facial Peel from Rønsbøl, 5. Metallic Skirt from A.L.C.