Room 64 Eau De Parfum from clean and sustainable Raaw By Trice. Notes of patchouli, tobacco leaf, bergamot, birchwood.
Room 64 perfume from sustainable and natural Raaw By Trice.
RAAW By Trice's newest addition - ROOM 64 Eau De Parfum.
The Room 64 fragrance from clean and sustainable beauty brand RAAW By Trice. Available as eau de parfum and perfume oil.
The new RAAW By Trice fragrance - ROOM 64 is now available on

Room 64 Eau De Parfum

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Alluring. Tempting. Mysterious. 

Room 64 evokes the feeling of old Hollywood. Conjuring the seduction of a famed Chateau, enriched with an air of temptation and decadence. A tantalizing blend of patchouli, tobacco leaf and bergamot seductively laced with dark vanilla, hints of jasmine and smoked birchwood.

RAAW Eau de Parfum is crafted with precious oils and organic cane-derived alcohol, blended to perfection, creating a layered depth that lingers on the skin.


Notes: Patchouli, tobacco leaf, bergamot, birchwood

How To Use: Lightly mist on the pulse points at the inside of the wrist and base of the neck for lasting fragrance.

Size: 1,7 FL OZ | 50 ML