APR 08, 2020



Kristin Kallevik Thommesen, 33, Sales Manager & Esthetician at RAAW By Trice


My first memory is going to the beauty salon with my mom. At an early age I fell in love with makeup and the skincare universe. I got my eye brows done when I was 15. Since then I was sold! I love the way beauty makes me feel, I can feel better by just putting on my favorite perfume.


My-go-to ritual is that first I put on Sea Silk mask, as it gently peels away all the dry dead skin cells and preps my skin so when I put on the following products, it absorbs easily. Then I apply Hyaluronic Ocean Serum, where I gently tap it into my skin. I finish off my ritual by massaging my face in an upward motion and gently pinch my skin, to get the blood circulation going. For the massage I use both oils, depending on my skin needs. I love using Blue Beauty Drops when my skin is stressed out, dry and when I’ve been drinking too much coffee instead of water. Drops of Gold is a friend in need when I haven’t got my hours of sleep - it simply awakens my skin and gives me that healthy glow back.


I love them all! The Mandarin Moon perfume oil, I love that I can have it with me everywhere I go. The smell is nothing else... Fresh, crisp and clean. I love my Ocean Botanical Wash & Ocean Botanical Crème. I love the hotel feeling it gives me and they look so luxurious on my bathroom shelf. BUT my savior in need must be, the one thing I can’t endure: Blue Beauty Drops. It calms my skin, removes the redness and give my skin the protection it needs.


The one thing that makes a HUGE difference on my skin and wellbeing is massaging my face every night, either just by using my hands, my gua sha or my skin roller. It removes stress, plumps my skin and gives it a healthy glow. The face has so many muscles - they need to work out too in order to stay in shape.