On Beauty: Agnes Muljadi


She’s an LA based content creator/influencer, photographer and ballerina. Agnes runs a very successful and inspiring instagram profile named artsyagnes. With her photographic skills, ballerina poses and love for beauty you’re truly inspired and captured by her beautiful feed. The consistency and engagement with her followers are very impressive. We sat down with Agnes to talk about our mutual addiction: beauty. Can you walk us through your daily routine? I usually start my day with a short meditation in the morning before I dive into checking my emails, posting on Instagram and taking care of business related tasks for my work as an influencer. That usually takes up pretty much the whole day but somewhere in the middle of the day I try to take a break and do either pilates, some stretches or yoga. Then in the evening I go to my ballet classes and rehearsals. I always try to end my day with another meditation.  

What is beauty to you? Beauty is being present. To me the very definition of beauty is when I see someone or something mindfully existing in the present moment & being completely attentive to right here and now because there's really no other place to be.   

What's in your beauty bag? Arnica, Raaw in a Jar Young Lips, Zuzu Tango Lip Gloss, Osea Corrective Complex, dental floss & a small compact mirror.

Any beauty tips or tricks you would like to share with us? Apple cider vinegar has done wonders to my face. I also use Raaw in a Jar Activating Body Oil daily to fight the dryness especially during the winter time. Body scrubs & exfoliating face masks have also helped clear my skin. I do them once a week.

Picture by: Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida