Welcome to the family, Blue Tansy!


This week was a big week for us as we came out with our new products. One of our new facial oils are called Blue Beauty Drops and for a reason. One of the key ingredients is the popular essential oil: Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy is a botanical plant, related to the daisy family. Because of the azulene pigment, Blue Tansy  has a gorgeous deep blue color that forms when the essential oil is released from the flowering tops of the plant. Extracted through steam distillation, Blue Tansy is also known as Moroccan Tansy. It has a wonderful sweet, herbaceous and grassy scent.

Blue Tansy essential oil is known to have many powerful benefits, with one of them being very soothing for the skin. The high quantity of azulene gives the ability to soothe, calm and heal damaged skin. Blue Tansy has powerful anti-inflammatory features and contains strong anti-redness properties. Great for irritated and acne-prone skin.

You can buy Blue Beauty Drops here or as a roll on here