This is one of our favorites and it truly is a miracle product. Use 5-6 drops each day and night and your skin will feel softer than ever. Did you know that it’s also good for your dark spots, stretch marks, sun damages, premature aged skin and eczema?

We just received this amazing story from one of our customers...

"I've battled psoriasis for 20 years, and have tried every treatment, cream and lotion on the market. I like to keep things as natural as I can as most prescription creams come with awful side effects. I was gifted Miracle Face & Body Oil from a dear friend, whom I can never repay. Even on Stellara, I had some spots on my arms and legs that simply would not go away. After a few weeks of religiously using the Miracle Body Oil, much to my amazement, I saw the pink spots fade into nothing. It is truly a MIRACLE!!! I have been paying upwards of $300 for creams promising results that never came. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from any skin ailments. And if it works for me, imagine what it can do on "normal" skin!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to whomever created this FANTASTIC MIRACLE in a bottle!!! I am now a devoted fan." 

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